We all know that the internet is the best place to shop. You get competitive rates and the latest products from all over the world. But what you don’t know is that almost every online company offers coupons for their products. You might be thinking that coupons increase sales and that is their primary function for every company. You are right but coupons also have secondary benefits for the company and the customer. This simple marketing policy increases their number of visitors and their market profile as well. But let’s focus on one industry…let’s just see how coupons benefit a person who wants to vape.

Websites: Retailers want more customers and the best way to pull in traffic is by offering something for free. As a result, you can start by checking industry websites for coupons. Most websites will have a coupon or deals page. Bookmark the page and check it regularly for vapor packs, e cig deals, and discounts.

Coupon aggregators: Don’t discount these sites. They have powerful search engines that trawl the entire internet for wonderful deals. For example, log on to websites like The Krazy Koupon Lady and use the website to search for ‘Vapor Nation Coupon Codes | 2017 Promos.’ The search engine will pull results from the manufacturer, different retailers, as well as offline deals published on personal blogs. We feel this is the best way to get mind-blowing deals. Of course, it also means a lot of effort and tracking. Remember to sign up for at least three to five aggregator websites to get the best deals.

Industry newsletter: Sign up for newsletters with every major vape site possible. Remember, vaping is an international business and manufacturers are based all over the world. They have no problem sending you their newsletters. To get your business, they are also more than willing to email coupons, deals, and freebies tailor-made for your needs. However, a word of caution; you will be inundated with emails. Open a separate email for newsletters and put in filters to sort them publications into the right folders. You are less likely to miss deals like this.

Apps: Apps are a wonderful shortcut to the coupon aggregator option. Just put in your vape requirement and set up an alert. The app will automatically download coupons to your mobile for use.

Cashback digital coupons: Cashback websites are a sneaky way to get discounted products. Everyone knows how cash back works. But these sites have a slightly different method of working. You have to log on to the cashback site and search for vaping websites. When you find a good site, you navigate to it from the cashback site. Any purchase you make automatically entitles you to a discount that is higher than what is offered to an ordinary shopper. Smart, right?

Forums: Websites love getting new customers. As a result, they list their top products for review on industry specific forums. They then offer free coupons for users who are willing to use their products and write reviews for them. Some companies also offer seasonal deals like VaporDNA Coupon – Discounts For 2018 offers which can be clubbed with in-store promotions or upcoming blowout sales.

Parent companies: Manufacturers have some of the best rates online. However, they tend to be a little distanced from customers. We recommend reaching out to them directly for deals. Write to them or email them asking for freebies, new product information, discount deals etc. Most companies will reply with coupons or sale dates. It might not be much, but every little bit counts.

Industry magazines: Vaping magazines are rare but they are increasing in popularity. If you can find local magazines, we recommend turning to the last 10-20 pages for deals, offers, and freebies. Some companies also take out full-page ads offering new products are discounted rates.

On product discounts: Don’t forget to check your product packaging and bills for on-product discounts. Most companies have the promotional matter on their bills and their product packaging. These deals may not be related to the same brand but they will be worth collecting.

Group discounts: Group discounts are a smart way to discount your vaping kits. If you know several people who want to buy a better vape kit, it’s a smart option to write to the website and ask for a bulk discount. It usually works and you do end up getting a wonderful deal.

Coupons tend to expire in a few months and most people forget to catalog their coupons according to the expiry date. We urge you to do that right away. If you have printables or online downloads, make sure they are cataloged according to the expiry date. And ensure that you have a pop-up on your desktop computer reminding you about expiry dates. With cataloging and reminders, you are less likely to lose out on great deals.